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  • Epilepsy

    After all, Hippocrates was right… According to the World Health Organization, epilepsy – a chronic brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizures and other clinical manifestations – results from excessive neuronal activity! Epilepsy is one of the most common neuropsychiatric diseases with neither geographical nor racial and social boundaries. It occurs in both men and women at any age. Most often, epilepsy is first diagnosed in childhood and adolescence; but recently, due to the increase in life expectancy, in older age as well.

    3 Years Ago

  • Contraceptive Vaccines

    International research on the groundbreaking development of contraceptive vaccines for humans has been conducted since the late 1920s. Most publications of scientists, developing such vaccines, usually emphasize that the need in such vaccination is caused by growth of the world population, especially in the third world countries. A number of Western politicians, who hold neo-Malthusian views, speak about the necessity to reduce the population through mass vaccinations with contraceptive vaccines. Are you ready to know the approaches to the design of contraceptive vaccines better?

    3 Years Ago

  • Notorious Toxoplasmosis

    Toxoplasmosis is a serious protozoan disease in both humans and animals, caused by the obligate intracellular parasite with a complex developmental cycle. Toxoplasma Gondii presents mostly latent chronicity with signs of damage to the nervous and reticuloendothelial systems, somatic musculature and vision.

    3 Years Ago

  • Full Life with Allergies

    The statisticians of UK, for example, have recently reported about 21 millions of adults in this country, who suffer at least 1 allergy lifetime, while 50% of children under 18 years old – more than one. That said if you are a human, you fight a losing battle against the most common allergies to pollen, mold, foods, medicines, dust mites, stinging insects, cats & dogs, industrial & household chemicals, jewelry metals, rubber, and so more things to which the body chooses to react or overreact.

    3 Years Ago


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